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Powering the future of school district operations


From stumbling block to strategic tool

Still today, most school districts have hundreds of mission critical processes that run on paper, making visibility and improvement near impossible. 

We transform paperwork from a daily stumbling block to a strategic tool. For example, this makes it possible to:

  • Hire the right teachers for the right classrooms faster
  • Make sure students feel safe and have a way to get to school
  • Ensure teachers get reimbursed and paid on time
  • Purchase and easily track spending for classroom supplies
We are powering the future of school district operations, enabling administrators to gain the operational insights that drive productivity, accountability and equity.

“In many ways, district-level processes have the greatest impact on student outputs and outcomes. Districts control hiring, placements, and professional development processes.”

A New Vision for School Accountability,
Center for American Progress

Unwavering commitment to K12 administrators

Everything we do at Informed K12 starts with an unwavering commitment to the people who run our nation’s school systems. They are the administrators who work behind the scenes yet are the lifeblood of their district.

While the pressures and expectations of their jobs grow every year, they lose up to a quarter of their time on repetitive administrative tasks. At Informed K12, we're here to change that.


We are a driven and diverse team committed to building a more efficient and equitable education system

Our founders, Sarah and Qian, met at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education. There, they discovered a mutual passion for technology that creates impact at scale in the education system.

Inspired by Sarah's work in Providence Public Schools, they saw an opportunity to solve a complex, long-standing problem that no one else was tackling. In 2012, they started Informed K12.

Meet our team


Volunteer as mentors, tutors, fostercare givers and more


Have worked in education, activism or social causes


Made major shifts in their career path


Volunteer as mentors,

tutors, and more


Have worked in education,

activism or social causes


Made major shifts in their careers


Our values guide both our short-term decisions and
long-term strategy. They define how we interact with each other, our customers, and our community.

fight for our users.png


Fight for our users

We partner with our districts to truly understand their needs. We strive to uncover unmet pain points through regular onsite visits and continuously collecting customer feedback. All our team members go above and beyond to serve our districts.

Work hard for inclusion

Our team must reflect the diversity of our user base. To ensure diversity and inclusion efforts come from the all levels of the company, we implement policies like the Rooney rule in hiring and work with organizations such as Code2040.



fight for our users.png


Take ownership

We’re building this company together. Everyone impacts our company trajectory. Take ownership and drive the change you want to see.  Leave your ego at the door for the good of our team and our users.

Always learning

We strive for continuous improvement – both in ourselves, our teams, and our community. We aren’t afraid to make mistakes, but we make sure to learn and grow from them. We are a company of leaders and learners.


Join our growing team

We're looking for talented engineering, product, sales, and customer success professionals that share our passion for education and helping school districts operate at their best.

Work at Informed K12