Our team

works to end paperwork

Who are these people?

We're former teachers, administrators, architects, instructional designers, technologists and finance execs that have all found a passion for building great technology that serves a great cause - helping school districts operate efficiently.

Our founders


Sarah Chou, CEO

Sarah worked in operations in Providence Public Schools prior to founding Informed K12 and accumulated a lot of papercuts over the years. When she's not onsite with clients she's thinking about it.


Qian Wang, CTO

Qian leads the product and engineering teams at Informed K12, but secretly dreams of life on the runway wearing unicorn t-shirts and black parachute pants. She's pretty good with an Excel spreadsheet too.

Meet the team

Michelle, Partnerships

A former teacher who benefited from excellent school operations, Michelle's passion is supporting districts as they plan to optimize their processes.

Rachel, Engineering

Rachel is a colorful nerd who loves making bad jokes, drooling over robots, and wearing outfits that match her bicycle, Sunshine.

Conner, Partnerships

Conner values the opportunity to make a difference in education through technology and is building a community across districts nationwide!

Julie, District Success

Julie worked at Teach For America and was in the Peace Corps. She’s from Alabama and lived in NYC. She loves Excel and biking around Oakland.

Karan, Engineering

Karan is a product-oriented engineer who is passionate about building highly usable and well-designed products for social good.

Chris, District Success

Chris taught elementary school for 4 years in rural Louisiana and Israel. He plays football with his feet.

Jordyn, Engineering

Jordyn was drawn to engineering by her love for logic puzzles. She attended Hackbright Academy in the fall of 2013.

Dan, Marketing

Dan represents 100% of our East Coast office. This is his third tour of duty leading marketing for an edtech company. He lives off coffee.

Sandy, Partnerships

Sandy comes to us with a background in public policy and experience in social impact consulting. Her work there piqued an interest in education technology.

Teddy, District Success

Teddy is a former founder who loves strategic planning and process design for scaling businesses. He is fueled by burgers and big ideas.

Jon, Designer

Jon has a strong background in product design, UXR, and computer science. A former engineer, he got into design after seeing how it can solve big problems in the world.

Jen, Business Ops

Jen is a former science educator passionate about helping us run efficiently. She’s an avid musician, reader, and sea otter spotter.

Suelyn, Product

Suelyn loves solving problems through user-centered design. Chopping vegetables and oil painting is her meditation.

Tyler, Engineering

Tyler spent three years at YouTube, and built a karaoke app for Android. He went to M.I.T. where he had the highest average in intramural bowling.

Kai, Engineering

Kai spent time wrangling Google Spreadsheets into project management tools before realizing they'd rather write code than spreadsheet formulas.

Rob, Engineering

A former architect (of buildings), Rob realized he enjoyed fiddling with his computer more than drawing up construction documents.

Justin, Partnerships

Justin graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Political Economy. When he is not formulating new recipes for his next big cookout, he's outdoors fishing and playing tennis.

Katie, District Success

Katie's passion for liberty and disruptive innovation began in college and was continued through working at the Independent Institute and completing the Koch Liberty@Work program.

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