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Our team

works to impact education

Who are we?

We're former teachers, administrators, architects, instructional designers, technologists and finance execs that have all found a passion for helping communities traditionally underserved by technology.

Our founders


Sarah Chou, CEO

Sarah previously managed a $8.5 million professional development program for all staff in an urban school system serving 24,000 students. Prior to school district administration, she taught in a family literacy program, directed development initiatives for nonprofits, counseled low-income first-generation students for Upward Bound, and organized displaced residents of post-Katrina New Orleans.


Qian Wang, CTO

Qian left a career as a quantitative developer/trader in finance to pursue a path in education. In her volunteer work, she drafted policy recommendations for the Illinois Education Commission on Economic Recovery and led an open data initiative that coordinated with over 30 public agencies to release their data to the public. She is passionate about social justice and building a different type of tech company.

Meet the team

Rachel, Engineering

Rachel is a colorful nerd who loves making bad jokes, drooling over robots, and wearing outfits that match her bicycle, Sunshine.

Justin C, Partnerships

Justin graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Political Economy. When he is not formulating new recipes for his next big cookout, he's outdoors fishing and playing tennis.

Jean, Customer Success

Jean is a former Special Education teacher born and raised in Texas. In her spare time, you can find her skiing down the mountains of Tahoe or searching for sunshine near the sea.

Ben, Engineering

Ben loves making things look neat and orderly. He's usually either wrangling with CSS or tidying his desk up.

Teddy, Customer Success

Teddy is a former founder who loves strategic planning and process design for scaling businesses. He is fueled by burgers and big ideas.

Jen, Business Operations

Jen is a former science educator passionate about helping us run efficiently. She’s an avid musician, reader, and sea otter spotter.

Tyler, Engineering

Tyler spent three years at YouTube, and built a karaoke app for Android. He went to M.I.T. where he had the highest average in intramural bowling.

Kai, Engineering

Kai spent time wrangling Google Spreadsheets into project management tools before realizing they'd rather write code than spreadsheet formulas.

Rob, Engineering

A former architect (of buildings), Rob realized he enjoyed fiddling with his computer more than drawing up construction documents.

Leo, People Operations

Prior to joining Informed K12, Leo channeled his passion for people into defending immigrant rights. He enjoys watching college football, eating junk food, and keeping up with the latest pop culture developments.

Lupe, Partnerships

Lupe is always looking for the next adventure that will test her endurance and will. She prides herself on her resourcefulness and would be a serious contender on The Amazing Race! Most importantly, she’s driven by causes that speak to her heart.

Bridget, Customer Success

Bridget is a former educator who loves efficiency, organization and excellent middle school English instruction. She is inspired by her former students, her son and opportunities to strategically rethink systems in education.

Marlon, Customer Support

Marlon has a passion for problem-solving and improving efficiency. Also, he loves discovering new recipes, music, and travel destinations.

Justin B, Partnerships

Justin formerly helped homebound students roam the classroom attending class using telepresence robots. He enjoys finding all San Francisco’s “hidden” privately owned, publicly open working spaces throughout downtown.

Joran, Customer Success

Joran is a former management consultant with business strategy and transformation experience in tech and healthcare. He enjoys hiking, photography and touring historical sites all throughout California, but especially in the Bay Area.

Zalima, Customer Success

Zalima is a former early childhood teacher, special education manager, and school administrator most excited about improving school design and making learning both enjoyable and fun. She enjoys reality TV shows and bouldering, and hopes to one day fuse the two passions by becoming an American Ninja Warrior contestant.

Rachel, Product Adoption

Rachel is a former physics teacher who has also supported hospitals in using healthcare technology. She is passionate about data, process improvement, and working against educational inequity. She enjoys spending time at the rock climbing gym and at home watching British baking shows.

Kate, Engineering

Kate has a curiosity for understanding people, technology, and the ways in technology shape our society and lives. She loves pugs, baking, and bakeries. In her free time, she might be seen tending to her dough or wandering around in pursuit of pastries.

Stef, Partnerships

Stephanie loves people, process, and snacks. When she's not visiting school districts, she enjoys planning tiny adventures, sewing quilts and organizing her family's budget.

John, Partnerships

John loves when a plan comes together. A Midwesterner at heart, he cannot confirm or deny shedding tears of joy when the Chicago Cubs won the 2016 World Series. When not serving the K12 community, he loves spending time with his family and tries to pursue a simple life

Natalie, Customer Success

As a former HR advisor, Natalie has a passion for maximizing the potential of people and processes for an organization. She can be found hiking with her dog, trying new food, or planning her next travel adventure.

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