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Our team

works to impact education

Who are we?

We're former teachers, administrators, architects, instructional designers, technologists and finance execs that have all found a passion for helping communities traditionally underserved by technology.

Our founders


Sarah Chou, CEO

Sarah previously managed a $8.5 million professional development program for all staff in an urban school system serving 24,000 students. Prior to school district administration, she taught in a family literacy program, directed development initiatives for nonprofits, counseled low-income first-generation students for Upward Bound, and organized displaced residents of post-Katrina New Orleans.


Qian Wang, CTO

Qian left a career as a quantitative developer/trader in finance to pursue a path in education. In her volunteer work, she drafted policy recommendations for the Illinois Education Commission on Economic Recovery and led an open data initiative that coordinated with over 30 public agencies to release their data to the public. She is passionate about social justice and building a different type of tech company.

Meet the team

Justin C, Partnerships

Justin graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Political Economy. When he is not formulating new recipes for his next big cookout, he's outdoors fishing and playing tennis.

Ben, Engineering

Ben loves making things look neat and orderly. He's usually either wrangling with CSS or tidying his desk up.

Jen, Business Operations

Jen is a former science educator passionate about helping us run efficiently. She’s an avid musician, reader, and sea otter spotter.

Tyler, Engineering

Tyler spent three years at YouTube, and built a karaoke app for Android. He went to M.I.T. where he had the highest average in intramural bowling.

Rob, Engineering

A former architect (of buildings), Rob realized he enjoyed fiddling with his computer more than drawing up construction documents.

Lupe, Partnerships

Lupe is always looking for the next adventure that will test her endurance and will. She prides herself on her resourcefulness and would be a serious contender on The Amazing Race! Most importantly, she’s driven by causes that speak to her heart.

Bridget, Customer Success

Bridget is a former educator who loves efficiency, organization and excellent middle school English instruction. She is inspired by her former students, her son and opportunities to strategically rethink systems in education.

Marlon, Customer Support

Marlon has a passion for problem-solving and improving efficiency. Also, he loves discovering new recipes, music, and travel destinations.

Stef, Partnerships

Stephanie loves people, process, and snacks. When she's not visiting school districts, she enjoys planning tiny adventures, sewing quilts and organizing her family's budget.

Natalie, Customer Success

As a former HR advisor, Natalie has a passion for maximizing the potential of people and processes for an organization. She can be found hiking with her dog, trying new food, or planning her next travel adventure.

Elena, Operations

Elena previously worked in community relations at a nonprofit before joining the team at InformedK12. When she's not working on ways to make a remote working environment better, you can find her skiing, rock climbing or reading and/or writing science fiction near Lake Merritt.

Juan, Engineering

Juan recently graduated from UC Berkeley. He likes to chug caffeine, plays video games, competes on Apple Watch, and keeps his teammates up to date on meme culture.

Avery, Designer

Avery gets very excited when technology does something useful. Outside of work, he enjoys playing soccer, making art, reading books on random topics, and doing puzzles.

Maya, Customer Support

Maya is a former admissions counselor and academic advisor with a passion for education. She loves exploring the Bay Area music scene, spending time around Lake Merritt, and ant collecting

Lucy, Customer Success

Lucy is a former educator who has also designed educational toys for the classroom. She enjoys color-coded to do lists, traveling to new places, and crafting while listening to musicals.

Serena, Customer Solutions

Serena is passionate about using education technology to create equitable education opportunities for all students and is excited to combine her experience in student success and her passion for technology to drive solutions at Informed K12. Outside of work, she loves to bake and dance, and she hopes to own a corgi some day.

Nick, Customer Success

Nick is a former university administrator with a passion for helping students reach their full potential. He can most often be found soaking up the sun on mountains, beaches, and trails alongside his dog, Sebastian. When not outside, Nick loves to indulge in documentaries, board games, books, and banana milkshakes.

Emily, Customer Success

Emily has spent the last 9 years working with organizations on a mission to get good food into school cafeterias and on family dinner tables through access and education. She is excited to continue working with a mission-driven team, passionate about serving school districts at Informed K12. Outside of work, she enjoys cooking, eating, traveling to see great friends scattered across the country, and the endless entertainment from her kittens Parsnip and Pecorino.

Madison, Engineering

Coming from an economics background academically, Madison decided to pursue software development in order to be able to build things that would help other people

Preeti, VP of Customer Success

With 10 years of experience designing and executing enterprise post-sales solutions at SaaS companies, Preeti is excited to bring her experience to InformedK12 and contribute to the mission of building capacity for education. When not working, you can find Preeti hiking, gardening, or doing puzzles (escape rooms!).

Tim, District Partnerships

Tim has partnered with K12 school districts for more than 20 years. When not focused on work he is a dedicated father and husband and loves the outdoors.

Afonso, Sales Development Representative

Afonso joins us with 8+ years of sales experience within the events industry. When he’s not adding new skills into his sales arsenal you can find him jogging by the beach or binging a new series on Netflix.

Kyle, Engineering

Kyle comes from the Civic Tech world and has a background in Customer Service. He is a life-long creator with a passion for positively impacting lives through code!

Rebecca, Engineering

Rebecca is passionate about using technology to enrich people's lives. When she is not coding, she enjoys sewing and visiting museums.

Ashley, Customer Success

Ashley is joining Informed K12 after years of nonprofit and education experience on both the East and West Coast. She has a passion for supporting educators and the students they serve. When she isn’t working, Ashley can be found listening to a podcast, petting dogs, or exploring a new neighborhood and food in NYC.

Daniel, Customer Success

With 15+ years of experience supporting Edtech implementations, Daniel is excited to continue working with K12 administrators on improving efficiencies all around. If you talk education policy, data analysis, DEI, or making homemade guacamole, you’ll understand Daniel.

Randy, Customer Support

My name is Randy Smith. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I have been in the customer support/customer success space for the last 15 years. I recently worked for a streaming app builder (OTT Developer) as a Support Consultant. Prior to that, I was an Implementation Consultant. I have worked in both corporate and start-up environments. I enjoy helping people smooth out their technological rough edges. In my off time I enjoy carpentry, gardening, and biking. I'm also a guitar player. I have a cat named Mylez whose favorite hobby is sleeping.

Jess, Customer Success

Jess joins the Informedk12 team with 10+ years of teaching and administration experience. She strives to positively impact schools and communities through the use of digital solutions and superb customer support. After work hours, Jess is a free spirit who enjoys the outdoors, traveling, arts, and listening to podcasts.

Janelly, Customer Sucess

Janelly has spent the last 6 years working with startups vested in education. She is passionate about helping others and enjoys reading, discovering new music, traveling, and seeking adventures.

Heidy, Customer Support

Heidy is passionate about doing good work alongside amazing people. As a former school principal and math teacher, she knows how paperwork can slow down processes and detract from the true work of providing an exceptional educational experience for students and families. For this reason, she fell in love with the Informedk12 platform (nerdy, we know!) and is excited to support educators so they can get back to the important work they do each day. If she seems obsessive, ask her about etch-a-sketch, breakfast, or Eliud Kipchoge. Oh, and pull up a chair, it might be a long conversation.

Duncan, Customer Success

With experience in the social impact technology space, nonprofit fundraising, and a few stints as a bartender, Duncan is passionate about working with diverse groups of people to build more equitable communities. When they aren't configuring software solutions or answering emails, they enjoy spending time with their pug/poodle mix Gemma, reading science fiction or feminist theory, and creating veganized versions of their friends' favorite foods.

Joe, Engineering

Joe has worked as an engineer at fintech, SAAS, and media measurement companies. He loves it when code has tests, enjoys debugging thorny problems, and especially likes building software that has a positive impact.

Morris, District Partnerships

Morris joins InformedK12 with 16+ years of working for large and small EdTech companies. During his career, he has been a strong equity advocate. When taking time off he enjoys traveling abroad and learning about different cultures.

Kirsten, Revenue Operations

Kirsten joins Informed K12 with 7 years of Revenue Operations experience. She has a passion for process optimization, analytics, and enablement through technology. When she’s not diving through data, you can find her playing volleyball or traveling to see live music.

Vicky, Engineering

Coming from a healthcare background as a former pharmacist, Vicky is currently a software engineer who is passionate about working on impactful applications to improve our quality of life. Outside of work, she loves live music, long walks, traveling, and the holiday season.

Lily, Engineering

Lily has a huge passion for software development done right, with over 10 years in the industry. She is a huge advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion, and loves working on products that help real people solve real problems to make the world a better place. Outside of work, she loves board games, reading, music, playing the piano, and her cats and dogs.

Gavin, District Partnerships

Gavin joins InformedK12 after working for 5 years in Higher Ed technology, helping universities and colleges support faculty with needs related to their career progression. He’s passionate about SaaS’s ability to help educational institutions operate more effectively and efficiently. In his free time, he enjoys skiing, film, NYC’s stand-up comedy, and supporting Arsenal Football Club.

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