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3 things to consider before automating your K12 Human Resources processes

Spring is a natural time to reflect on how to improve the coming year's HR processes. As Joann from Fremont Union High School District saw, running your processes online is one way to make a big impact on your department. Managing processes manually and tracking every moving piece of the puzzle takes hours and hours of time and makes it impossible to find critical documents that might have gone missing. Going paperless seems like a no-brainer these days when everything in our lives seems to be organized online, from banking to taxes — but knowing where to start can feel overwhelming. We put together this quick guide to help you decide which forms to bring online first.

Meet Joann and hear what she thinks about Informed K12

The biggest benefit of Informed K12 is the organization — the ease and the speed and the time saving. Beyond that, Informed K12 is very user friendly and you're not needing to explain how it's used. It's a big time saver.

Joann Finley has worked in Human Resources at Fremont Union High School District for fifteen years. In all this time, she has managed countless paper forms and she has managed countless paper forms and spent hundreds of hours manually tracking documents and processes. Watch the video for more — and if you're new to Informed K12, request a product demo with one of our district specialists or contact us directly to get a personalized plan for automating your HR department.


Here are three things to think about when deciding which forms and processes you could manage online:

  1. Which forms contain requirements for state, federal, or policies?

Human Resources processes are almost inextricably linked to legal and board policy requirements. Managing these processes online with a flexible online platform like Informed K12 could help reduce any missing forms or missing information that could be easy to skip with a paper form. Example forms include:

  • New employee packets (including W4 and I9)
  • Benefits forms
  • Insurance policy enrollment
  1. High volume, repetitive processes that occur at least once per school year

Every year, new employees are hired, promoted, or moved across departments and school sites. Automating these kinds of processes could significantly reduce hours spent on repetitive form filling and make it easy to track which forms have been completed and which forms may still be waiting for a signature or approval. Example forms include:

  • Employee annual acknowledgements
  • Employee intent to return
  1. Support vital communication and coordination between school sites and the central office

Districts are often a critical support center for dozens of school sites and have to field numerous HR requests on a regular basis that significantly impact how schools operate. Many of these processes take weeks to complete if done by paper. Informed K12 can help reduce these processes to just a few days and keep important requests moving swiftly. Common forms include:

  • Personnel requisitions
  • Change of status forms
  • Leave requests

What do you think would be ideal forms or processes to automate for HR? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below! And remember, If you're new to Informed K12, request a free product demo with one of our district specialists to start the conversation about form automation.