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CS Team Event: Natalie's Wine Time!

Informed K12: Remote and Relationship First

We are proud to be a Remote and Relationship first company at Informed K12. One of the ways that we develop relationships with each other is taking some time out of our day to have a little fun. Each quarter, teams at Informed K12 do a fun event together. This quarter, our Customer Success Team did a wine tasting event led by Natalie Rhodes. Natalie is not just a Customer Success Team lead, but also a level 1 Sommelier. 

Natalie Rhodes, Level 1 Sommelier

When the world shut down in 2020, Natalie decided to dive into the world of wine! Instead of just drinking it (as I’m sure some of us did), Natalie wanted to learn about the flavors, grapes, regions, and harvesting methods. For her, it was a fun way to learn the science and art behind wine tasting. After months of Zoom classes, practice exams, and studying Natalie passed her Level 1 Sommelier exam!

What did we do? 

We reviewed how wine is made, the impact climate has on the grapes as they grow, how to systematically approach tasting wine, and some basics on pairing food with wine. We, of course, couldn’t learn about wine tasting without doing it in practice! Each team member received a 3-wine tasting kit from a local winery so we could put our learning into practice. 

Natalie wanted it to feel like a safe place for people to talk about what they might be smelling or tasting in the wine without feeling like they had it “wrong”. From her experience, this has been the intimidating part of tasting wines. She wanted the team to feel empowered the next time they went wine tasting or were the ones responsible for choosing wine while at dinner.  


Thank you Natalie for helping put on this event and sharing your knowledge with the Customer Success team! Stay tuned for more blog posts from other teams about our social events!