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CTO Response: Black Lives Matter

Hi everyone,

I wanted to add to Sarah's message and let you all know that we are here for you. Please reach out to us if you want to vent, talk, or cry.

I also want to say that during these times it is important for those of us with privilege to take on the mental and emotional burden of speaking up and educating others. We must do everything we can to demand justice, demand change, and stand in solidarity with our black colleagues and friends.

Beyond speaking and fighting against police brutality and overt racism, we must also address non-violent, day-to-day systemic racism. This kind of insidious racism causes just as much harm as the overt kind, and must be called out. What happened with Christian Cooper while he was bird watching demonstrates no one is just inherently good because they stand on a particular side of the political aisle. We must examine ourselves and continue to work towards being better allies. We must offer our presence and support without expecting to be rewarded, educated, comforted, or absolved.

For those of you who might be unfamiliar with some of the things I am mentioning, here some readings I have found personally helpful in putting into context current events: Other links:

I am including these links in a Google doc. Those of you who can, please share other resources and even personal stories you think contribute to the conversation: [link for private internal use]

Finally, I want you to know that again, Sarah and I are here for you. If you need time to decompress or take a mental health break, please talk with your manager and know that we are completely supportive.

With love,