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Teletherapy and Telecommuting Agreement Templates

Our team meets at the end of every day to talk about what we’re seeing. There is truly so much to learn right now and it has been inspiring to see the creativity and ingenuity coming from everyone making it work despite the unexpected. I know that we’re all facing the need to adapt and prepare for new contingencies quickly. 

I am including two templates here based on new practices and emerging needs for Telecommuting (staff agreement) and Teletherapy (informed consent)

If any of the following would be helpful to see templates for too, please let us know by emailing us directly at support@informedk12.com.

Registration (Early childhood, ESY, New Students)

  • Summer school might be cancelled but certain programs must go on and there is more need to get registration forms fillable online quickly (to not affect ADA) 

Employment Contracts for May, Remote interviews and Evaluations

  • Some of you are using video interviewing software and others are combining conference tools with moving your existing interview forms online, evaluations are becoming more top of mind too as plans to go remote extend through the end of this school year
  • Still getting requests for letters of intent and reasonable assurance, contracts work the same way and can be emailed out quickly to a group, tracked, and pre-filled with data 
  • To avoid spending more on certified mail than you have to we have recommended sending first online even if you don’t have all the email addresses or aren’t sure if everyone will complete 

Different ways to track COVID-19 Leave requests 

  • Increasingly seeing different ways to track leave at this time, for existing forms you can add a new dropdown menu option but more are opting to create new leave processes in order to fully lay out quarantine related scenarios/requirements and to collect detailed info supporting the request

Trying to expedite payment, service, and transfer requests has been challenging everywhere now that staff have gone remote. With shifting priorities and increased budget uncertainty, there is even greater need to keep checks and balances in place while getting up and running quickly. 

To move things online even faster, many of you have requested to set up workflows on your own. 

We’ve created a short webinar coming soon that you can sign up for here: The webinar will include how to upload, pre-fill, and email forms to groups of people (contracts, acceptable use policies, permission slips...)

We’ve turned around many new processes in 24-48 hours either way so please do not hesitate to reach out. 

And finally, an article on how to get people to actually participate in remote meetings since we’re all in this now :) 

Our thanks and very best wishes,