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Small Texas School District Finds Workflow Automation To Work In Tandem with Existing Platforms


Even with fewer employees, administrators at smaller districts like Atlanta Independent School District can still be overwhelmed by reliance on paper forms and processes. Specifically, Atlanta ISD’s HR department’s primary forms volume was large enough to be too time-consuming. Transit of paper forms among campuses and departments bogged down processing times and posed potential processing error risks. They had found success using platforms like Frontline to house some of their forms but needed to find a solution for forms that Frontline did not support.

Immediate Solutions with Informed K12

Atlanta ISD is part of Education Service Center Region 8 (ESC 8), which serves over 45 school districts in Northeast Texas. ESC 8, a current Informed K12 partner, referred the administration at Atlanta ISD to investigate a partnership with Informed K12. Implementation with Atlanta ISD then moved quickly after a raving recommendation from ESC 8. The district started with a smaller license and quickly decided to increase its license after seeing immediate results. Forms that would normally take days to submit and approve were completed in a fraction of the time with Informed K12. The district was also pleased to hear that Informed K12 could support forms that Frontline could not. Both platforms now allow for optimal efficiency in data collection and management for Atlanta ISD.

“Informed K12 tailors their products to your processes rather than forcing you to conform your processes to their software. Contract processing on the platform has been a total game changer for us by literally eliminating hours of work.

Implementation was the best we have ever experienced. The service could not have been better. Our customer success manager reviews our forms and processes with us to optimize everything so that we get the most out of the platform.”

Laronda Graf, Human Resources Director

laronda graf


➔ Significantly reduced hours of manual work printing and approving forms
➔ Can now digitize up to 120 forms and processes on the Informed K12 platform
➔ HR, Business, and Student Services departments  are happy and feel confident managing  forms that are customized to meet their needs

Support from Informed K12

➔ 45 minutes to receive a response from the Informed K12 support team
➔ 40 minutes average time to resolve support requests

Top IK12 processes

  • Print Shop Order
  • Employment Contract
  • Personnel Action Request

Atlanta Independent School District
Atlanta, Texas
1,848 students
309 employees
5 schools, K-12

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