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Michigan school district finds user-friendly platform, eliminates paper


Paper processes and forms were creating unnecessary additional work for the staff at Plymouth-Canton Community Schools. At one point, at least one department had a courier who traveled between all 24 schools to hand off the paperwork for New Account Requests. Additionally, with a nationwide shift towards a more hybrid work model, many staff could not work remotely at all because all of their forms and processes were on paper. Thus, it was not a surprise that a small group within Plymouth Canton Community Schools’ board office, made it a mission to move away from their reliance on paper.

Informed K12 Demonstrates Value Immediately

PCCS had plenty of options to choose from when considering form management and workflow automation platforms. However, they recounted that Informed K12 was the most “user-friendly.” They claimed that even the most technophobic person could easily send, manage, and approve forms with Informed K12. Not to mention, the staff that had previously worked at districts like Livonia and Crestwood that also partnered with Informed K12. At the start of the partnership between Plymouth-Canton and Informed K12, the district started moving some Finance department forms and processes online. After seeing almost immediate success in reducing the time it takes to approve forms, they soon changed their license to include forms from the Student Services and Human Resources departments.

"If you’re still on paper then you’re probably waiting for someone else to approve that form and it’s likely still sitting on their desk. With Informed K12, you don’t have to call – you don’t have to walk over. With one click you can send a reminder."

Steve LeBlanc, Accounting Supervisor


➔ Teachers and staff have more transparency on the status of forms and receive reimbursements in less time
➔ Staff are happy and feel confident managing a form that is customized to meet their needs
➔ The district is now largely self-sufficient and can create forms on the Informed K12 platform on their own

Support from Informed K12

➔ 48 minutes to receive a response from the Informed K12 support team
➔ 48 minutes average time to resolve support requests

Top IK12 processes
  • Stipend Payment Form
  • Budget Transfer
  • Contract Approval
  • Field Trip Request

Plymouth Canton Community Schools

Plymouth, Michigan
17,000 students
1,800 employees
24 schools, K-12

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