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Round Rock ISD: Transforming Processes and Improving Efficiency

Problem: Transitioning from Paper-Based to Digital Processes

In the bustling landscape of educational institutions, Round Rock Independent School District faced the challenge of bridging the gap between various systems and processes. Despite their progress in integrating technology, there were multiple forms still trapped in the realm of paper and PDFs, creating inefficiencies and a lack of visibility. These included critical forms in HR, business operations, and more. The district needed a solution that could smoothly transition these forms to a digital platform, offering not only electronic forms but also seamless e-signatures, data export, and the ability to serve multiple departments.

Solution: Informed K12's Streamlined Digital Platform

While searching for solutions, the Business Systems Group at Round Rock ISD came across the Informed K12 platform. The team recognized that the key to the district’s progress was a partner that truly understood their requirements. Informed K12's platform offered the tools necessary to capture those elusive forms and processes, creating a more streamlined and efficient environment.

One of the standout success stories was the transformation of the Personnel Action or Create/Convert form. Previously, this process was plagued by long processing times, excessive paperwork, duplicate forms, and manual data entry. The district found that these pain points hindered productivity, causing delays and frustration. With Informed K12's platform, the district overcame these obstacles. The process became quicker and more manageable, resulting in a significant reduction in processing times. Furthermore, the automated workflows ensured that forms were completed correctly, minimizing back-and-forth interactions.

Beyond District Student Travel (BDST) forms were another area where Informed K12 made a remarkable impact. These forms, numbering in the hundreds per year, had a complex workflow that often led to incomplete or incorrectly filled forms. Informed K12's solution enabled ownership of corrections to be clearly defined, eliminating confusion and reducing processing time from weeks to days.

Efficiency Gains and Positive Feedback

The transformation brought about by Informed K12's platform was met with overwhelming positivity from Round Rock ISD’s staff. Administrative associates and bookkeepers praised the platform for its efficiency gains. Fundraising and travel forms were approved and processed quickly, eliminating the need to chase down paper forms and wait for approvals. This led to streamlined processes, increased efficiency, and reduced administrative burden.

“Employees really like having the ease of use and the visibility. Our Administrative Assistants and Bookkeepers particularly love the Informed K12 platform. At any given time, if something is wrong with a form, they are able to reroute it and make changes. That, I think, has been our biggest positive gain - the happiness that we see in the faces of our Bookkeepers and Administrative Assistants” - Business Systems Team

Moreover, the Director of Purchasing expressed that the transition from paper to digital forms was well-received across campuses and departments. Informed K12 proved instrumental in digitizing processes that were previously overlooked by other systems. As a result, Round Rock ISD made significant gains in transitioning away from paper and PDF forms, filling the gaps in its technological landscape, and empowering its staff to work more effectively.

Looking Forward

The partnership between Round Rock ISD and Informed K12 showcased the potential of digital transformation in the education sector. As the district moved from manual paper-based processes to a streamlined digital platform, it unlocked new levels of efficiency and collaboration. The positive feedback from staff and the tangible improvements in processes underscored the value of Informed K12's tailored solution. As educational institutions continue to navigate the demands of the modern world, stories like Round Rock ISD’s serve as a testament to the power of technology to drive positive change. 

Round Rock Independent School District
Round Rock, TX
47,160 students
3,450 employees
59 schools, PK-12

Top IK12 Processes
• Extra Duty Pay Request
• Travel Request and Approval Form
• Fundraiser/Sales Activity Application
• Personnel Action Form
• Request for Beyond District Student Travel


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