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Streamlining Success: How Saline School District Transformed HR Processes

 Saline School District has been on a mission to streamline its administrative processes. One critical area identified for improvement was the HR new hire packets, a cumbersome task that involved mountains of paperwork.


There was a need to simplify and consolidate the paperwork associated with individual hires. The previous process was extremely time-consuming for the HR department. While the team had been successful in enhancing other non-paperwork aspects of their processes, the paperwork piece needed attention to achieve true efficiency. The idea of going paperless had been on their minds for some time, but finding the right system to support their automation goals was a challenge.


The opportunity arose when the district connected with Informed K12. The Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources expressed interest in consolidating systems for workflow and paperless automation in 2016. With neighboring districts already on board with Informed K12, district leaders at Saline were ready to see how the platform could positively impact district processes.


During the initial demo, key stakeholders from Saline delved into the platform's capabilities. The district-wide implementation planned for the summer aimed at being ready for the new school year highlighted Saline's commitment to going paperless and automating various processes across business, HR, and student services. 


The forms targeted for automation included a wide array, ranging from business-related reimbursement requests and mileage reimbursement to HR forms such as annual AUP,, onboarding, and exit paperwork. The Informed K12 platform would cater to the diverse needs of the district, ensuring a smooth flow of information while avoiding bottlenecks in the workflow.

Staff members echoed the positive impact of Informed K12, highlighting the convenience, efficiency, and straightforwardness of the platform in various processes, from medical authorization forms to staff directories and school-of-choice applications.


Saline School District has been utilizing the platform's unlimited district license - which includes unlimited internal district forms, form consultation with a success manager, unlimited signatures, unlimited district user accounts, admin and end-user technical support, form creator training, and more. The partnership has enabled them to create over 1,400 processes and receive more than 264,000 form submissions overall. The district's commitment to streamlining work, enhancing transparency, and achieving efficiency is reflected in its continued partnership with Informed K12. 

Average Time to Process Forms

As Saline School District enters its seventh year with Informed K12, the journey toward a paperless and automated future continues, promising increased transparency, accountability, and overall operational excellence.


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