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Streamlining HR & Business Operations at Hallsville ISD

Problem: Manual Processes and Inefficiencies in HR Workflows

Hallsville ISD faced significant challenges with its HR and personnel management processes. Most operations were paper-based, leading to difficulties in onboarding and delays in critical activities like personnel action forms. Administrators from Hallsville ISD were introduced to Informed K12 at the 2023 TASBO Conference. It was a top priority to find a resolution for the efficiency issues that plagued the district processes. Additionally, The Informed K12 Team wanted to help eliminate the frustration that results from said inefficiencies. Delays in these processes impacted the timely payment of new employees and the district's ability to open up positions for the next academic year.

Solution: Informed K12's Comprehensive HR Platform

After careful consideration of similar platforms, Hallsville chose Informed K12 as its solution. The platform addressed the frustration points by digitizing processes, particularly onboarding packets and personnel action forms. It promised to streamline workflows, reduce approval times, and eliminate delays in new employees receiving their first salary checks.

The district launched multiple forms, including the personnel action form, certified onboarding packet, request to attend, extra duty form, and reimbursement form. Employees and district approvers quickly adopted the platform. With overwhelming engagement from individual school sites, processing times decreased and bottlenecks were removed. 


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Conclusion: Empowering HR and Business Departments at Hallsville ISD

Informed K12's solution at Hallsville ISD successfully addressed the challenges of manual HR processes, reducing delays, streamlining workflows, and enhancing overall efficiency. The platform's user-friendly design, quick processing times, and positive feedback from key stakeholders reflected a successful implementation. The district is now better equipped to handle HR and Business operations, paving the way for a more streamlined and efficient future.

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