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Creating Administrative Visibility for Tumwater School District

Nestled just south of the state capital, Olympia, amidst the scenic beauty of Mt. Rainier, Tumwater School District encompasses 117 square miles, serving over 6,200 students across 13 schools. With a focus on continuous student learning in a caring, engaging environment, Tumwater School District's mission is underpinned by a commitment to academic excellence, staff collaboration, and community partnerships.

Amidst the backdrop of this educational haven, Tumwater School District faced a challenge familiar to many educational institutions: the burden of paperwork. Despite a tradition of effective programs and high-quality education, manual processes were impeding efficiency and visibility across departments. From HR to finance, the reliance on paper forms and disparate systems created silos, hindering collaboration and causing frustration.

Recognizing the need for change, Tumwater School District embarked on a quest to modernize its operations. The opportunity arose with Informed K12, whose K-12 specific platform and customer service stood out against competitors. Led by Wendy, Director of Human Resources, discussions centered around the desire to digitize and automate forms across departments, including crucial processes like evaluations and HR workflows.

Initial meetings between Tumwater School District and Informed K12 revealed a shared vision of enhancing efficiency, reducing manual data entry, and preparing for future technological advancements. Informed K12's expertise in workflow automation and integration with systems like Skyward resonated with Tumwater's goals of improving access, equity, and visibility.

With forms like the Personnel Action Form and Impact Pay processing hundreds of submissions, Tumwater identified pain points ranging from inconsistency to missed information. The need for speed, transparency, and efficiency drove the partnership with Informed K12, with Tumwater seeking to increase accountability and reduce administrative burden.

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As implementation began, quotes from users echoed the positive impact of the platform. From streamlining job postings to simplifying impact pay submissions, employees lauded the transition to digital forms for ease and convenience. Tumwater's criteria for success, including increased customer service, form management efficiency, and visibility to administrators, became guiding principles throughout the process.

Through dedicated collaboration and a commitment to working smarter, not harder, Tumwater School District embraced Informed K12 as a catalyst for change. The journey towards streamlined operations was marked by innovation, partnership, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, aligning with Tumwater's mission of continuous student learning in a caring, engaging environment.

As the digital transformation unfolded, Tumwater School District emerged as a beacon of modernization in education, paving the way for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness. With InformedK12 as a trusted partner, Tumwater looks towards a future of increased access, equity, and success for all its students and staff.

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